Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hey Everyone^^
Got back from my holiday, 
School started and there's already so much on my mind that I forgot about my blog.
One of the girls from school really knows how to draw.
And when I say draw, i refer to design drawings.
And of cource I couldn't stand watching her drawing those beautiful lady silouetes and I asked her to teach me how to draw them too.
here are some of my drawings^^

These are the first two.
Of cource you can see they're not so elegant as I wish they were:)) 



Black Dress. 

This is the last one I drew.Today.
I think it's great.I really like dress. (it's got big spikes on the bottom.It's crazy but I love it<3)
So this is it.I'll work on some ideas I have and maybe later I'll post my new drawings.
Until then, Se'ya! 


  1. I find the Coco Chanel bag quite cute :P
    ^^u are good :)

  2. Wonderful illustrations, nevertheless!

  3. ha ce tare,si eu am facut azi unele asa 8-> invat repede,ce mai :))

    nu ,n-o murit,vreau sa pacalesc bloggeri .. evident ca o murit. s-o sinucis.:-<

  4. I love these!! Especially that black dress, I want it ;)

  5. hai love your draw cute :)

  6. i love the backless black dress, so sexy! and the last pic, it's so lady gaga, i love it!

  7. HI!
    i also miss summer!
    nice draws! do u study something about fashion?


  8. This is a great start! The more you practise, the better you'll get.


Thank you all for the sweet comments<3I love you guys.