Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!

So today is my birthday!

This Saturday i held my birthday and my mother's^^
She's on the 22nd of Nov and i'm on the 23rd.
So the thing is that we usualy spend our birthdays with our best friends.
This party was one of the best partyes ever.
Everyone danced, drinked, singed and had a good time:))
(especialy the dad's)
Dancing and fooling arround.
What i wore: Purple tights, Object-collectors items dress, Terra Plana high heels, Salsa bracelet ^^

Me and mom cutting the cake^^
(it was delicious)
My best friend came and we had a loooooooooooot of fun^^
We're best friends since i was 3 and she was 4.
She's the best friend that anyone would like to have and i'm glad that she is and will be my best friend forever!
I also got a new haircut^^
didn't like it at the beggining cuz i wanted my hair to be a little bit longer in the back.
but it's ok,i already like it:))

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Abra Cadabra

Me, my cousin(right-Silvia), and one of my best friends(middle-Ica).
I went to my grand parents a few days ago and we really had a lot of fun^^
i love you guys<3

So we went at Ica's place and took a lot of photos of us fooling around.
i think it was 12 or 1 o'clock:))

I was wearing:
Vero Moda purple-star Pullover
Richmond Jeans
Ica's brother slippers:))
The coat I was wearing in the first pic is Vero Moda
(sorry cuz these photos are not really that clear)

sorry about my ass.

such a lovely place<3
i love it!

(sorry for not posting so often but i'm quite busy with school
promisse i'll post some more soon!
Huggs and Kisses,