Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone^^
Last night, my family and I went to have dinner at a nice restaurant we like to go sometimes.
That's my desert(it was delicious).
Then we went home and put up the Christmas tree.

My brother helped too:))

The tree is so big and fat.It's how a Christmas Tree should bee:D
I really like it a lot.
Santa came of course cuz tomorrow i'm leaving at my grandparents in Maramures,
it's the lovelyest part of Romania, and he had to come now to find us home before we leave.
I decorated the house today too...with all that Christmas decoration stuff.(especialy candles)

My little turtle and the raindeer candle:D

This one is on the front door and this cristal globe I got for Christmas last year.
I like it a lot cuz it sings " We wish you a Merry Christmas".(but only instrumental)
I also took some pics of the globes on the Christmas Tree.
(but only of the ones I like the most)

That penguin is so old.I think It's older than me:))
(p.s. lots and lots of chocolate)

So this is it for now.Maybe I'll post  from my grandparents^^
but only if it's snow and we'll go sleding.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!
xoxo, Nana.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hey everyone^^
I took this pics of a kinda elegant outfit for a contest on
I had to take pics of an outfit I'd wear with a pair of shoes I like from that blogg)
there are 16 pairs from wich I could choose one.
The best outfit wins that pair of shoes and a pair of right?
So I said to myself...why not try?Maybe I win.
So the pair I chose is:
They look so elegant and I've always wanted a pair .I really hope I win=D
What I Wore was:
H&M Dress
Vero Moda Tights
Vero Moda Black Top
Terra Plana High Heels
No Name Canne Wach
And some bracelets my briother and my little cousin made for me^^
Hope Everybody likes it^^
XoXo, Nana!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

 Hey averyone!^^

This Friday we finished renovating and I think I'll post some pics of the ``new`` house

I'm really happy cuz me and my mom were very tired all the time

we had to clean up...and bla bla bla:))

So, we celebrated and went out .We went and ate pizza at Polus Center.

and went looking for some new carpets for the living room and the dining room...

but we didn't have any luck.We're still looking for the ideal carpets:))

yummy for mu tummy!(I was explaining something to my brother...I think:)) )

My mom wanted to take some photos of me and I was fooling around 

on the streets.

So what I wore:

New Yorker blue blouse,

Vero Moda Blazer,

Vero Moda jeans,

Converse Sneakers^^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Provocation in BLUE

So today's the day of Romania !!(Happy Birthday)

And tonight will be fireworks^^

So i can't wait for them to start because it's gonna be fun.

By the way i'm really happy because my blog is working now

(it didn't work at all this week)

I think it's kinda ok...i mean i wouldn't  had time to post because we renovated a bit our livingroom, the guests room and the hall

Next weekend we'll renovate the chitcken and then we'll buy some pieces of furniture to place in the livingroom.

Of course at school is hard too and i'm so tired at the end of the day that i just go in bed and sleep!:))No time for my blog unfortunately:(

Early morning..still sleepy.

What i wore was:

Zara leggings, Zara Pullover, Sisley boots

Really comfortable and chick i could say^^

So now that it's autumn it's kinda cold and rainy

but today was sunny and hot^^