Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Provocation in BLUE

So today's the day of Romania !!(Happy Birthday)

And tonight will be fireworks^^

So i can't wait for them to start because it's gonna be fun.

By the way i'm really happy because my blog is working now

(it didn't work at all this week)

I think it's kinda ok...i mean i wouldn't  had time to post because we renovated a bit our livingroom, the guests room and the hall

Next weekend we'll renovate the chitcken and then we'll buy some pieces of furniture to place in the livingroom.

Of course at school is hard too and i'm so tired at the end of the day that i just go in bed and sleep!:))No time for my blog unfortunately:(

Early morning..still sleepy.

What i wore was:

Zara leggings, Zara Pullover, Sisley boots

Really comfortable and chick i could say^^

So now that it's autumn it's kinda cold and rainy

but today was sunny and hot^^


  1. I love blue, and that's a great sweater indeed :D I have one almost like that in black :D

  2. Woohoo! Happy day of Romania!! :D

    && good luck with the renovation. It can be stressful at times but I believe in the end it'll be worth it. :)

  3. blue looks good on you.
    happy bday to all romanians.

  4. The Blue seems suit you ^^ study hard and take a full rest in your vacation ^^

    The winter has come in my place >.< COLD

  5. i love the colours of your sweater dress :)

  6. re: I actually don't know where my glasses and watch is from. it's from like random places hehe...
    Oh , the blue color looks great on you ! :)

  7. rawrrrr
    deci ce cacat ca nu te-o lasat :o3 !

  8. What a great blue!! Love your sweater dress!



Thank you all for the sweet comments<3I love you guys.