Friday, October 9, 2009

Girls Night

Didn't post for a long long time=]

i was sick...and wasn't in the mood for photo sessions...but now i'm back in bussiness

By the way:))

don't look at my face

i was talking and i was taken a photo (by syrprise):))

Love the red nails<3

Zara Blouse.

Miruna(i love you)!

Anca(Love you too)!

One of my BFF: i just love you guys=D


  1. yes, i've been to barcelona as well, that's why i recognized the shark mouth thing in one of your photos! i really want to visit it again, such a lovely city!

  2. funny face of you :)
    like natural :D

  3. you look lovely with your funny expression :]


Thank you all for the sweet comments<3I love you guys.